Updating my Github

Adding a few new additions to my github. Also, I did about half of picoctf today. It is a CTF designed for the newbies (which I am one) so I gave it a shot, and got pretty far. Signed up for AttackIQ internship challenge again. Going this Tuesday.

A lot has happened

Since last week, I bought an Alfa AWUS036NH Wifi card so I could get more into Wifi security. I started watching a course on security tube called Wireless LAN Security and Penetration Testing Megaprimer. Both are really informative. Probably what my valentines day is going to be filled with.

Finished the first course

Before this course, I really didn't know anything. This course opened my eyes up more than it did anything else. I don't feel like a professional at XSS or SQL injection but now I understand how they work and to be honest, that is all I really needed. Will be moving onto Web for pentesters II next. Will update.

Started Web Pentesting

Decided to start a web pentesting course today. Started running the iso in a VM and I'm attempting to do things with it. Reading the course info is really helping but still haven't gotten much into the website, will update as soon as I start having more success.

SD North County Hackers

Met with a group of White Hat Hackers and started to pick up the basics. Meetings are supposed to run every other week. Will post what we cover here. Been constantly fiddling with the things learned and feel pretty comfortable with them. What we went over Nmap Netcat Some Metasploit Got to know each other.