AttackIQ Update

Started this internship and it is going very well so far. It is so much different than your normal minimum wage job at Domino's or Vons. All the people I'm working with are fantastic, I just need to become more comfortable so I don't look like a stick all the time. I've been doing mainly security researching lately. It isn't my favorite thing to do in the world, but I've learned a lot while doing it. Starting next week I will finally start working on some code stuff. Documentation first, then start writing it. Can't wait to start on that.

First day at AttackIQ

If I forgot to mention that I was able to get the AttackIQ internship, I did. Had my first day yesterday. The difference between this office job and a job like Domino┬┤s or Best Buy is insane. Everyone is really friendly even when it takes me an hour and a half to figure out how to add myself as a user onto Linux Mint. One of the downsides, if the only downside thus far, is the drive; however, the job makes up for it. Yesterday I used their program for an hour or two and I learned the ins and outs of it. Today I will hopefully be reviewing some code.

Internship at AttackIQ

Got an email this morning hiring me as an intern for AttackIQ. Really excited and stoked to be able to learn a lot and contribute to their company. Will start off trying to understand exploits and after will start writing them myself.

AttackIQ Internship

Went to internship challenge with AttackIQ last night and had a lot of fun. Really like the direction his company is taking. Got assignment two challenges and finished them already, waiting for more to be assigned. Would really be stoked if I managed to get this internship this summer. It's at a great stop to learn about exploit writing and researching.

Schedule this week

Tuesday: Attack-IQ internship meetup with Stephen Thursday: Career Fair at CSUSM, hopefully intuit and other security companies will show. All week: Attacking the DeIce box and hopefully finish and start on a new one.

De-Ice S1.100 Box

Met up with North County Hackers and tried to attack the DeIce Box. The 4 hours we were there, I learn a lot but didn't get anywhere. Went home, uploaded the box, created a python tool and managed to get the first step. Hopefully crack this box by the end of the week.