August Update and Mouse Jacking

Alright. Once again, a bunch of stuff has happened. First, Defcon and Bsides were a blast even though I was under 21 in Vegas for a week. Meeting people in the field listening to talks, everything was so cool.

One talk that really got me excited was the mousejacking talk. Not only was it a super cool way to hack a mouse, the speaker also creating firmware and a pretty helpful guide with helping you get started on the mousejacking stuff yourself! So I bought a drone receiver and flashed the firmware to it and began messing around.

The tools he provided people with were a sniffer and scanner. But none of the tools had packet injection built in. So I wrote one! I stole the rubber ducky syntax and wrote an algorithm to convert Letters to packets and then injected them. After I was done I was able to type on my brothers keyboard across the room. What a neat technique and awareness needs to be raised on unencrypted keystroke injection.



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