Defcon, Bsides and July Update

These past two months have been all about the steady improvement. The work I have been doing at AttackIQ really help “round” me out in the security field. And when I say that, I really mean expose me to topics so I know they exist. The Intuit Dev Sec Ops bootcamp trial run ended last week. While the content was kinda scattered because it was a trial run, simply being exposed to it allowed me to assimilate enough knowledge to be able to teach myself if the need arises. Now that the bootcamp is over I can start going to OWASPSD again. Although, those are usually hit or miss…

I’ve popped a decent amount of boxes, mostly by reading walkthroughs. Walkthroughs are like a shotgun shell for learning. While doing the box without aid can potentially yield more knowledge, getting stuck on a box that has you doing 4 to 5 different brute forcing techniques isn’t very fun. Such was the case with the Stapler box. This was the first box I tried to crack myself and a couple other guys in the SDHackers slack. It was a really fun experience at the beginning because we never got stuck for more than 15-20 minutes. Then as we got deeper we started getting stuck for longer (as to be expected). When I do these things for the learning aspect I really don’t like getting stuck because I’m not learning anything.

Anyway, 3 days until Bsides and 6 until Defcon. Will hopefully be posting updates on here as I go along. I don’t know how often I’m going to have my phone on me though. Don’t need my name on the Wall of Sheep. 😛

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