Website Troubles

I don’t know if anyone tried to access my site or not, but I was planning on testing my phishing attacks on some of my friends. I created a php file that sent me an email with the person’s IP who clicked on it. For some reason, when redirected to, this site sent over 45 emails which broke terms of service with my prior provider.

Not only that, but these people locked my ftp server so I couldn’t get my files back. I ended up paying them 6 dollars to get access back. I dumped by database and my files and then got my refund. Switched host providers and getting my WordPress database transferred was an absolute nightmare. If anyone needs help here are a couple things I had to do to make it work.

  1. check wp-config.php make sure all the db parameters are correct.
  2. Then go to <your domain here>/wp-admin/upgrade.php and update your database.
    1. At this point, I navigated to my site and saw nothing.
      1. After pulling my hair out for hours, I navigated to wp-admin and disabled my theme.
  3. So yeah, last step is to sign into the dashboard and disable your theme if you had one before.
  4. Then if you had any images in your posts, you need to copy over your wp-content folder.


But yeah, sorry for the downtime.


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