May Update

Things are starting to ramp up. Now that school is out I’m beginning to use most of my free time on security research. Every day I don’t have work (Tuesday Saturday Sunday) I make it a point to crack a virtual box. I began hosting these box crackings on google hangouts and a couple people from SDHackers join me. Also, I began attending the DevSecOps Bootcamp hosted by Intuit. Seeing how Shannon Lietz is the one who got me into security in the first place, it seems awfully fitting to be attending her bootcamp. In order for me to excel at this bootcamp, I started studying Ruby and Ruby on rails as well. When I’m at home, I can research and crack boxes all I want, but the stuff I’m learning in that bootcamp I would never be able to learn anywhere else. The only issue I’m having currently, is that I feel I know a decent amount from my research, however, I don’t understand how it all fits together in a business environment. It’s like having all the pieces to a puzzle without them put together. I finally wrote my first article called, “WPA password cracking” (Name in progress, I think I need something more catchy), but at some point, after I have a couple more people look it over, I’ll probably post it here. Between, my internship, my research, cracking boxes and DevSecOps bootcamp, hopefully I will be capable of something by the end of the summer.

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